Modern Playhouse

One of my projects this summer is putting together Amelia's room and a decorating project inevitably comes with boxes. Lots and lots of boxes! (And I'm still waiting for a couple more before that project is finished.) I couldn't stand them taking up space in the house and hated the thought of throwing away perfectly good boxes. Amelia was climbing in, out, and on top of the boxes like she's not supposed to when lightning struck! I grabbed the neon duct tape and got to work.
I've been dreaming of a modern house for years and now I have a custom one. It's got 2 stories, a garage, floor to ceiling windows, cantilevered roof, an open floor plan, and green construction.
lots of right angles
lots of space for a pet
Initially there were doors, but the client kept tripping and couldn't drive her cart and doggie through. So we opened up the floor plan to accommodate the homeowner.
Happy Homeowners