Friday 5: flatline

Once upon a time I wore nothing but heels. The higher the better. I had a heel for every occasion except athletics, but only because high heel sneakers weren't available yet.

When flats became a trend 5 years ago, I thought it would slink away to a dark fashion corner by the following season. Wanting to participate but not invest, I got a pair at Ross Dress for Less to get me through 1 season. I couldn't wait for this trend's end but it never came. Flats refused to leave and they may be here for good. Quel dommage!

When I saw the writing on the wall, I relented and got a pair of classic, gold flats. That was 1 pair long ago. Recently, however, my shoe purchases have been all flats. There are so many lust-worthy pairs out there and I'm all for them. But how did this happen? When did I become a flats girl?

...Oh, right. Maybe since I've had to carry
all at the same time. Handbag optional.

Happy Friday, loves!

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