Friday 5: Philippine Goods

I'm sharing some of the things I picked up on my last trip to the Philippines. Showcasing ingenuity in merging design, functionality, sustainability, and fair trade, they make me feel proudly Filipino.

Banago is a collection of hand woven bags and home accessories, expertly hand crafted by artisans in the Pacific Islands. The collection is made up of vibrant colors and exotic patterns, including the unique and colorful pattern design based on the body-painting traditions of the ancient tattooed "Pintados" warriors in the Philippine islands. With each piece being hand crafted, BANAGO supports the local communities and their households.
I've used my Banago beach tote as a purse, a diaper bag, a picnic basket, and a shopping bag and love its bold graphic pattern. 

Made out of a single piece of bamboo, the loudbasstard sound amplifier uses passive sound amplification to project music without electronics. Designed and handmade by Cebuano artisans, each piece is organically treated to prevent borers and cured to achieve desired moisture level suitable for temperate climates. It is then hand cut, hand dyed, and hand packaged in-house in Cebu, Philippines. 100% awesome.
This super simple design is beautiful.

Lagu is the world's first beach-friendly beach blanket. Unlike ordinary towels, it repels sand allowing you to lay with ease while also conserving the beach. It's unique linen blend is allergen-free and has quick-dry properties, keeping it fresh for repeated use. Save the Sand, Save the Beach.
My Lagu beach blankets have seen several beaches, pool and parks already, and they're still in mint condition.

Indigenous textiles by Anthill Fabric Gallery, a creative social enterprise and a lifestyle store celebrating a communal spirit among Filipino artisans, bringing into one nest ingenuity, fashion, culture, advocacy and art. It highlights the beauty of intricately woven indigenous fabrics from the Philippine hill tribes to restore and promote the richness of Philippine culture and living traditions.
I plan on making Amelia some clothes with the fabrics I bought.

El Nido Resorts is a group of eco-resorts located in northern Palawan, Philippines. The resorts offer genuine, local hospitality and unique and enriching experiences amidst the beautiful natural landscape. Embracing a strong commitment to sustainability, El Nido Resorts exercise stewardship over the flourishing diverse environment, stressing the importance of preserving nature to its guests.
Our family trip to El Nido Pangulasian was a dream come true. The days were full of activities that we were only too happy to partake in. We snorkeled, paddle boarded, windsurfed, island hopped, hiked, rock climbed, kayaked into lagoons, fed jack fish, and swam with sharks all in the breathtaking beauty of Palawan's crystal clear waters and limestone cliffs.