Stern Grove Festival

When I learned that the San Francisco Symphony was opening the 76th season of the Stern Grove Festival, I immediately made plans for family Sunday at the park. Hooray for free concerts!

We arrived 45 minutes prior to the concert and could find a spot only at top of the eucalyptus grove. It was a steep hike to get to and on a steep slope. That the climb down was going to be problematic briefly occurred to me. That we might slide off our perch before the concert ended continuously occurred to me. We had to keep pulling our blankets and bums up the hill every 20 minutes. Nevertheless, we enjoyed music, the fragrant eucalyptus, and my awesome sandwiches on a beautiful San Francisco day. Hehe.

Our picnic of homemade sandwiches, assorted cookies,
watermelon, Pirate's Booty, and coconut water

Your view if you came 4 hours early
 and got a spot on level ground.

Amelia looking doubtful about our nosebleed seats.