Sugarcane Toddler Dress

The colorful, indigenous textiles in the Philippines inspire me. I love that the fabrics support an ancestries old tradition; that they are made by artisans on antique wooden looms, not machines; and that those artisans are mothers supporting their families.

I bought several designs of fabric from Anthill Fabric Gallery in Cebu and a couple more from Silahis in Old Manila. I thought the bright, bold patterns would be perfect for Amelia. I couldn't wait to get home and start sewing!

This is me afraid to make the first cut

the first dress

the bib is reminiscent of tribal necklaces and pompoms add whimsy

I love how the 3-button closure on the back mimics the pompoms

To learn more about the weaving process, see Anthill's Weaver's Story.

A big thank you to Tita Annie Lim, co-founder of the Anthill Fabric Gallery social enterprise, for hosting and to my cousin Alessa Libongco, founder of Life After Breakfast and co-owner of Pipino Vegetarian, for taking me along!