Camping Capers

Camping should be a fun summertime activity. I don't want to pack up everything in my kitchen, freeze overnight in a tent, or go in the bushes. When my niece Jaya came to visit us from Seattle, my sister Ricci and I thought Costanoa Lodge would be perfect. This is how we camp.

Happy Campers

our douglas fir cabin

it's precipitously close to hoteling :)

thinking about her next move

making s'mores on a fire we (Tom) lit ourselves (himself)


dinner time

missed out on those happy hour $1 oysters

clam chowder, seafood risotto, calamari fritti and a lavander cocktail

Horseback riding the next day 
matching long sleeve tees, vests and jeans with sissy lol

Happy trails!

Costanoa Lodge
2001 Rossi Rd. at Hwy. 1
Pescadero, CA 94060