Disney Day

Amelia's trip to Disneyland turned out to be a fun day. The crowd was the lightest I've ever in my life seen it and we got on the most rides I've ever in my life been on. We got on Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Casey Jr. Circus Train, the carousel (twice),  It's a Small World, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Innoventions, Matterhorn, the Haunted House, Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Winnie the Pooh, the Tiki Room, and the Monorail. We weren't even planning on going. We originally wanted to go to Legoland until I mapped out how long the drive is from Burbank. Two hours. One way. With a toddler, who doesn't like sitting in a car seat and is vocal about it.

Up until this time, I haven't taken Amelia to Disneyland for a couple of reasons. First, I don't believe she'd understand what's going on or where we are. It's like, "what's the point?" Secondly, I didn't want her to be exposed to its hyper commercialism and learn its cartoon characters before she learns the alphabet. I certainly don't want her to have any princess dolls, princess makeup, or princess high heels. There's only 1 princess around here. Joking! She remembers a lot of things even after only 1 mention. She's memorized a few of her books already, so I know how impressionable she is. Finally I got over myself and just decided to have a fun day, which exactly what happened. It didn't corrupt her. She still doesn't know any of the characters. She refered to Mickey as "a mouse!" No princess paraphernalia came home. But she did get more sugar than she's ever had in her life, and that was my bad.

Too early in the morning. She's not into it.
Have you ever seen no line in Disneyland?

Pointing to the flying elephants
Her favorite ride

Her 2nd favorite ride

Just conked out

And then she used it as a weapon on innocent bystanders

Out again

My favorite picture

One last sugar rush before we left. She gnawed through the plastic inside the store.
I had to pay for this.

The Little Farm

My friend Han invited me to check out The Little Farm in her Berkeley neighborhood. In spite of the rain, we forged ahead with kids in tow and were rewarded with having the place to ourselves. We saw cows, goats, sheep, chickens, roosters, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and pigs. It was fun seeing the kids see animals outside of their books.

Hey, you. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

The red barn is where the baby goats, chickens, roosters, rabbits,
ducks, chickens and pigs live. This is Hilda Mae Heifer.

Baby goats playing. Big pigs sleeping and little Amelia peeking.

Old MacDonald had a farm and we went to visit it.

Harley Farms Goat Dairy

It was a fun morning at the Harley Farms Goat Dairy in Pescadero, CA. I wanted to bring home half the stuff in their Farm Shop. They offer gorgeous handmade plates, bowls, cups, pitchers, lotions and soaps made with goat milk, hand-carved wooden goat toys, and even goat milk paint. The Goat Shop has the most tempting selection of marmalade, honey, oils, and of course cheeses, including chevre, fromage blanc, ricotta, and feta.

baby goat

Various chevre buttons include monet, cranberry walnut, apricot pistachio, sundried tomato basil, and Monet.
The flower-topped Monet chevre is their signature cheese.

free samples
The farm house. Duck, duck,...

The dining room in the farm house can be rented for private events.

Harley Farms
205 North St.
Pescadero, CA 04060

Photo credit: Ricci Sylla

Stern Grove Festival

When I learned that the San Francisco Symphony was opening the 76th season of the Stern Grove Festival, I immediately made plans for family Sunday at the park. Hooray for free concerts!

We arrived 45 minutes prior to the concert and could find a spot only at top of the eucalyptus grove. It was a steep hike to get to and on a steep slope. That the climb down was going to be problematic briefly occurred to me. That we might slide off our perch before the concert ended continuously occurred to me. We had to keep pulling our blankets and bums up the hill every 20 minutes. Nevertheless, we enjoyed music, the fragrant eucalyptus, and my awesome sandwiches on a beautiful San Francisco day. Hehe.

Our picnic of homemade sandwiches, assorted cookies,
watermelon, Pirate's Booty, and coconut water

Your view if you came 4 hours early
 and got a spot on level ground.

Amelia looking doubtful about our nosebleed seats.