Originally these hand loomed clothing were meant only for my daughter Amelia. I discovered Philippine textiles in one of Manila's cultural centers and was immediately in awe of its craftsmanship and history. The designs were intricate, colors were vibrant, and quality was hardwearing. However, they came only as finished products and not fabrics by the yard. I ended up getting some table runners and turned them into a vest and dress for Amelia (yes, out of table runners). I launched Sugarcane to share my discovery. I found that our customers were also looking for something different. You don't want clothing with cartoons, words, and glitter. You want something that is a little more sophisticated but not serious, something timeless, and something reflecting your world travels. You also want to support handmade artisans and to make an impact on the global community. Thank you! You make the world go 'round.



I started Sugarcane in 2013, inspired by the indigenous textiles of the Philippines and the artisans, who uphold the loom weaving tradition. They reflect the bold aesthetics and tribal patterns of the cultures my daughter and I have seen throughout our travels. Sugarcane is vibrant and globally conscious dressing for toddlers size 2 to 5 years. The Sugarcane mission is to preserve the indigenous art of loom weaving and support its women artisans. Through children's wear it is exploring a new way of using traditional textiles.


The weavers are mothers and grandmothers taking care of their families. Their stories resonated with me as a new mom. I believe in the positive spiral of investing in women and work directly with the weavers by going to rural villages in the Philippines to source fabrics. With new use for their products, weaving communities can grow and pass their craft on to a younger generation.

Have Toddler, Will Travel

Here are some of the places where we've been and inspired us.

crib shoes
Fushimi Inari, Japan
first hand loom vest I made before Sugarcane
first flight at 5 months old
first Sugarcane sample dress ever
elephant safari
going to Palawan