Ivan Dawson Primary School

Community service day at Ivan Dawson Primary School on Cane Garden Bay in Tortola.

Our boat for the day. Commuting on the high seas.

Bright wooden shops on Road Harbour.

The Principal and students sing us a warm welcome.

There were about 80 volunteers from FusionStorm, who painted offices, the library, auditorium, bathrooms, classrooms, and play structures with VOC paint to reduce students' mold-related health problems; changed out all the lights to LED lightbulbs to increase efficiency; set up a raised food garden; replanted banana trees to get more fruit; changed ceiling fans; refitted plumbing; and rewired the electrical. But the best part was the new play structure, which gave the students 4 tire swings, a slide, and 2 seesaws.

The students were so eager to help in their school remodel and all wanted to help with the painting. Here they are painting their new seesaws.

The school hasn't had a play structure in 4 years, so the kids were over the moon. They jumped on the swings 6 at a time minutes after painting. It was a good thing the heat dried all the paint very quickly.

The school remodel was done with the help of Green VI, which promotes conservation and recycling. All volunteers were gifted these statues made from recycled glass and wrapped in a recycled fabric pouch.

* * *

Ivan Dawson Primary School
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Green VI
Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands