Dream Big

Launching the Sugarcane line requires help. As a designer entrepreneur I've looked to coach/consultant Jane Hamill for advice on getting my product to market. This morning she challenged her clients to answer 2 questions. Here are my answers plus a bonus :)

Why will someone buy from me instead of from them?

My customers know me, just like I know the mothers who weave my fabric. They see my progress on the line, travels, major and daily life events on the blog. They know I love artisan-made products, DIY projects, sharing great finds, and adventures with my daughter. They know I'm just a click away.  I'm the real, live person behind every blog post, website update, and comment.

What’s my one great thing? The thing that separates me from the pack?

In Sugarcane, kids become part of the Sugarcane story, which starts with an indigenous tradition passed down generations through the hands of women artisans in the Philippines; includes quality workmanship at the hands of skilled sewers in San Francisco; and finishes with an aesthetic that is inspired by travels around the world. 

My big dream

This wasn't part of today's exercise but I'd like to share my vision for Sugarcane, since I'm in a sharing mindset. Whether it's 1 year, 5, years, or 10 years from now, I see Sugarcane as a women-run business supporting mothers. It helps the mother weavers by providing a source of income, and it helps modern-day mothers by offering them unique, high quality, globally-influenced clothes for their kids...Time to turn dreams into a "real-life-pay-your-bills-send-your-kids-to-college-business."

Have a happy weekend!

- Ria