Elephant Parade and Dash

On our free afternoon in Chiang Mai, I took Amelia to Elephant Parade since it was close to our hotel and she really loves elephants. I could have have taken her to see real elephants but decided against it due to a 2-hour drive, required advance reservations, and our recent stay at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Bali only 6 months earlier. Anyway, painting elephants seemed like a good way to while away an afternoon with a toddler.

But, first, lunch at Dash Teak House.

fresh coconut juice

al fresco dining on the veranda, ahhh...

When we finally arrived at Elephant Parade, it was a pachyderm plethora. There were so many beautifully painted elephants. It was hard to chose only one for inspiration.

This ended up being our inspiration elephant  since we were about to have an elephant circus-themed party. I thought we could use it  as a prop.

There she goes, painting away. I wish I had a picture of the "after." The shop girls thought it was so bad, our elephant went straight in the box before it was completely dry. Haha.

Very serious

Pretty sure the paints are not supposed to be mixing together.

I think she wanted to take this one home.

Then we rode the tuktuk home like locals.