Happy Hinamatsuri!

Today is Hinamatsuri! It's a Japanese celebration also known as Dolls Day or Girls Day. We are going to have a tea party.

First, we go to the wagashi (Japanese-style confectionery) shop to get seasonal Girls Day treats. The sweet shop Minamoto Kitchoan celebrates Hinamatsuri with a traditional doll display topped with the emperor and empress.


They have so many special sweets just for Hinamatsuri. They even have ones that are dressed like the emperor and empress in green and red kimonos (left). Wagashi contains no refined sugar or animal fat. It's all natural, making them healthy treats.

I cut out letters and made kokeshi dolls from felt. Pompoms from her birthday party are recycled (yay). Even Cool Bear gets all dolled up and loves it.


Time to party.


Our wagashi include okashigure (cherry blossom bean cake), hakutoshigure (peach bean cake), momoaya (white peach jelly), and green tea for the tea party.


Opened wagashi. Top L to R: peach bean cake, cherry blossom cake, and white peach jelly.


We have a guest.


* * *

Minamoto Kitchoan, 648 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94104, http://www.kitchoan.com