Jack & Poy Championship

Trust my awesome cousins to make a competitive game out of rock/paper/scissors, jack & poy as it's called in the Philippines.

That's exactly what happened when the family got together for the Christmas reunion. The "grownups" gave the collective "kids" a stack of money for Christmas. But there would be no simple handing over of cash. This isn't welfare, you know. You had to win it!

There were about 22 cousins present for the festivities. After dinner there were lots of games. There had to be a lot of games because the money was in 20 peso increments. Let's just say it was a tall stack of 20's. We played charades, a blinking/winking game, cup stacking, and others I can't quite remember anymore. 


Intense charades

Photo credit: Jenessa Ramos

Photo credit: Jenessa Ramos

Of course they saved the best for last, the Jack & Poy Championship! It was a sudden-death elimination. There's no race to 3 or best out of 5. There's only 1 chance to advance to the next round. The game started with 16 players. They squared off, forming 2 lines of 8.

After the first round, 8 players were eliminated with 20 pesos each as consolation prize. At least no one went home empty-handed. 8 qualified for the quarterfinals and received 40 pesos each.

Marc "won" a crispy 20 peso bill after the first round!



In the quarterfinals, 4 players were eliminated and 4 advanced with a cumulative 60 pesos each in their pockets. 

Jimbo defeats Tracey

Thad defeats big sister Frances

Jenessa defeats big bother Ryan

Little Erin defeats Jolina


In the semifinals, 2 players were eliminated and 2 advanced with a cumulative 80 pesos each. 

Jenessa defeats Thad

Jimbo defeats Erin. You should always be this happy to beat an 11-year old girl.


In the finals of the National Jack & Poy Championship, brother Jimbo and little sister Jenessa faced each other. They threw 5 times and they tied 5 times. Finally Jenessa beat Jimbo on the 6th throw, earning her a full year's bragging rights and enough pesos to buy a beer. Maybe.


After the family reunion, us "kids" went to a bar. The only open bar in all of Metro Manila on January 1st. We precisely missed the action on December 31st and January 2nd. A day late and dollar short. 

We ended up ordering milk and cookies at Borough. Um, yeah those shot glasses were for milk. Many stories were traded over milk and cookies and Jenessa's beer. A fun night all around.