Kurama, Kyoto

One thing on my must list was to go to an onsen (natural hot springs). One afternoon, we decided to go to Kurama, which is in the northern mountains of Kyoto and just under an hour away by train. The hydrogen sulfide in the water is said to soothe rheumatism, diabetes, skin conditions, and even neurosis. Great!

This melon bun from the train station bakery and sakura milk tea made my breakfast.

The short trains to Kurama have wide picture windows that go all the way up the ceiling and window-facing seats for premium scenery viewing.

The crisp, clean mountain air is already making us feel better.

Tengu greets us when we get out of Kurama Station. A god that protects the mountains and forests, Tengu traditionally had aviary characteristics with a long beak. Over the years as his image softened and became more human, the beak translated into a long nose.

It was a beautiful, sunny day for the short hike to the onsen. Gnarly.

Vegetable garden on one side of the stream and overhanging houses clutching the side of the mountain on the other.

We're here.

We were each given a yukata (cotton kimomo) when we checked in and wore then to lunch after a couple hours of soaking. Tendon lunch set includes miso soup, dipping sauce, rice bowl, tofu with bonito flakes, pickled vegetables, shrimp and vegetable tempura.

Only when we got back to Kurama Station did I notice the sakura tree at the station entrance. 

* * *

Kurama Onsen
520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1111