Hot Stove Society

It's been nonstop traveling. I just got back from a three-week sourcing trip in the Philippines two weeks ago and consulting work in Los Angeles last week. Most recently it was Seattle. My sister Ricci, my daughter Amelia, and I went to the Pacific Northwest to visit family. My cousin Nectar and her son were visiting me in the San Francisco Bay Area and ended up coming with us to Seattle too.

When we arrived we had time only to drop off our suitcases and kids, and then we headed straight to Hot Stove Society for the Big Gin "cooking" class. We arrived 10 minutes late and got placed at the back of the class. I think they knew trouble was coming.

L to R: Ricci, Rizza, Nectar, and Remi. 

L to R: Ricci, Rizza, Nectar, and Remi. 

Welcome drink as soon as we walked in.

Big Gin founders Holly Roberston and Ben Capdevielle and Cuoco Bartender.

Enjoying our second cocktail of the evening, the Southside, with Hershel from Hot Stove Society. We're being shushed, again.

Demonstration on all the ingredients that go into Big Gin and how to make Singapore Slings.

And us enjoying our third cocktail of the evening, the Singapore Sling.


I took excellent notes on what dishes to order at Palace Kitchen after our "cooking" class.

Nectar is cooking.



What an amazingly fun girls night! Thanks, Rizza!

L to R: my sister Ricci, me, my cousin Nectar, my sister Remi, my sister Rizza

L to R: my sister Ricci, me, my cousin Nectar, my sister Remi, my sister Rizza

Photos in today's globetrotting story were taken by Dr. Ricci Sylla.

Ricci is an ObGyn by profession, and an avid, snap-happy photographer at all other times. She likes taking pictures mostly of food, but since the recent population explosion in her family, cute nieces and nephews show up much more frequently in her Picasa files. She hearts cake, ice cream, macarons, cotton candy and fancy desserts! 

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Hot Stove Society