The Feathers and The Caves

Snorkeling BVI is today's itinerary. A small group of us chartered a boat and crew that took us around the islands. Our boat captain was walking towards this boat, and again I got excited because I thought this sleek glossy was ours for the day. But that's our captain in the white shirt who just walked past Patricia.

Because what could possibly be sleeker and sexier than a sea lion? 


Our first stop is The Feathers, a set of four connected rock formations that resemble a feather headdress. It even had a short tunnel about six feet underwater that you could swim through.


Our second stop was The Caves on Norman Island. There are three caves into which you can swim. The first is very narrow and goes about 25 feet into the island. The second is wide and shallow. While the third is narrow and leads to a rocky beach.

Local legend says that about 20 years ago a family out on a boat ride got caught in a storm. Their boat was small enough to fit in the first cave so they took shelter there. While waiting for the storm to pass, the boat kept knocking the top of cave because of the waves. Eventually pieces of the cave fell off and along with it treasure. In the old days (pre-Johnny Depp) pirates used to hide their treasures in caves all over the Caribbean and then come back for them later. Some of them never came back. Since then treasure has been discovered all over the islands. They say that family now has a much bigger boat and is living very well in BVI.

There are tons of black sea urchin but the locals don't really go for them. The spikes are very sharp and long, making them difficult to harvest. 

Next up is the infamous Willy T's Floating Bar and Restaurant.


* * *

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